Podcast will arrive this weekend — with the hurricane!

Coming this weekend: a podcast in the lap of New York luxury in 1864, including the Fifth Avenue Hotel, pictured above (at far right) in the 1900s. But wait, is that something burning?

This has been a pretty insane week, especially as I’m moving to a new apartment this Tuesday and Tom’s recently back from his vacation. As a result, the podcast will go live this weekend, most likely Sunday morning, August 28. But I assure you it will be worth the wait and a great distraction as Hurricane Irene comes barreling through the city!

Since I’ve been focusing on subjects from the year 1864, you might have a good guess on what this week’s podcast topic is. But here’s another small clue: like a wealthy tourist, we’ll be spending a lot of times in fancy hotels, but it won’t be for pleasantries. (Don’t worry, this show won’t be quite as depressing as the Draft Riots!)

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