How to climb the Woolworth Building, courtesy the Historic Districts Council

Ever been to the top of the Woolworth Building? Most people haven’t. There are some good lobby tours but rarely any that take you to the very top of the building which was once the world’s tallest when it was completed in 1913.

Well thanks to the Historic Districts Council (along with Sotheby’s International Realty and Gothamist) you’ll now get your chance to visit the Woolworth Tower Residences. (The top floors have been converted to condos.) And all you have to do to win an opportunity is go to a few interesting places in New York and pose for selfies.

First of all, go to this post at the Historic Districts Council.

Secondly, go out and see New York! More specifically, snap a photo of yourself in front of all six buildings named in the infographics on the Historic Districts website — in the boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx —  as well as the Woolworth Building in Lower Manhattan. For a total of seven places in New York.

Finally, post each photo on either Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #PreservationPays and tag the Historic Districts Council (@hdcnyc on Instagram and @hdc_nyc on Twitter) before 11:59 PM on Tuesday, September 6th

Five winners will be treated to a private tour of the Woolworth Tower Residences in Lower Manhattan led by Historic Districts Council Adviser and official Woolworth Building Historian Lisa Renz.  Then afterwards, you can post your photos and make us all jealous!

All of the details and rules are available by visiting
This was the view in 1915. Imagine what it looks like now:

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