PODCAST: The Flatiron Building

What are the Bowery Boys doing in Chicago? Just a little detour in our search for the origins of the Flatiron Building, the wedge shaped, wind producing oddity — built as an office space in a department store neighborhood which grew to become one of the most romantic, elegant buildings in New York City.

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This is the place where I usually put up a lot of pictures related to the podcast. However, I don’t think I could do as good a job as NYC Architecture’s great coverage of the Flatiron. Check out their site for a lot of great pictures, including some of the construction.

For more information on the Worth Monument — the odd obelisk sitting in the traffic island in front of the Flatiron — read this.

Daniel Burnham, the Flatiron’s architect and planner of Chicago’s White City, among a great many other things.

Burnham’s greatest challenge — the World’s Columbian Exposition

Burnham’s final resting place, at Graceland Cemetery in Chicago:

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Hello boys,

Nice job with this podcast. I’ve been listening for a couple of weeks and really like your stuff. My affection for the Flatiron building began after I first read the Jack Finney books, ‘Time And Again’ and ‘Time After Time’. Very good NY-centric stories. Your podcasts are too.


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