History in the Making: Trees and Castles Edition

ABOVE: CBS Radio Theater, later known as the Ed Sullivan Theater, home of David Letterman and his scandals (Circa late 1930s, photo by the Wurtz Brothers, courtesy NYPL)

QUEENS: The New York Times ponders the question of New York’s oldest tree. We also pondered the same question a few months ago. The Queen’s Giant is still the victor, but what about that chopped-down Great White Oak? [City Room]

MANHATTAN: Speaking of chopping down, the landmarked Corn Exchange Bank Building in Harlem unceremoniously loses two floors. [Gothamist]

BROOKLYN: The 1973 Park Slope Riot. No, it wasn’t about baby carriages. [Save Park Slope]

BRONX: The fabulous story of Fonthill, fairytale castle in the Bronx, owned by one of the greatest actors of the 19th century, Edwin Forrest [Virtual Dime Museum]

STATEN ISLAND: Michael Bloomberg marched in the 19th annual Columbus Day Parade, alongside the mayor of Crespina, Italy, sister city of Staten Island. [SI Live]

OUTSIDE NYC: Also, former Bronx resident Edgar Allen Poe will receive a proper burial in Baltimore this weekend. [AP Press]

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