Happy Holidays from The Bowery Boys!

The Bowery Boys wish you all a spectacular holiday season! To celebrate, just hit the play button above and warm yourself in front of a great New York tradition.

Many New Yorkers have fond memories of the WPIX Yule Log, which first ran in the evening of December 24, 1966, the first and most famous video yule log in the United States. After a brief interruption in the 1990s, it was returned for the holidays in 2001, when the city definitely needed the extra cheer.

Believe it or not, the original burning fire was filmed at Gracie Mansion, with the blessing of Mayor John Lindsay. (See, he really was the cool mayor!) During filming, the cameramen had to move a fire grating to achieve maximum glow and warmth for viewers. Unfortunately, this freed some flying sparks which proceeded to burn a nearby antique rug.

The fire above is a replica that WPIX filmed after the original footage became drab with age. (The replacement fire was also filmed in California in 1970; the official website explains.) PIX11 plans to once again show off their friendly fire this year, with simulcast on Turner Broadcasting stations throughout the country.

We’ll be back with new postings to the blog on December 31.

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