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Auntie Mame is here! The Bowery Boys Movie Club visits the most glamorous lady on Beekman Place

Welcome to the Bowery Boys Movie Club, an exclusive Patreon podcast where Tom and Greg discuss classic New York City films from an historical perspective. We’ll be revisiting some true cinematic classics with this monthly show and sprinkling our recaps with trivia, local details and personal insight (and lots of spoilers of course!).

In the latest episode , Tom and Greg celebrate the 60th anniversary of Auntie Mame, the outrageous comedy masterpiece starring Rosalind Russell that’s mostly set on Beekman Place, the pocket enclave of New York wealth that transforms into a haven for oddballs and bohemian eccentrics.

Auntie Mame cleverly uses historical events — the Wall Street Crash of 1929, the Great Depression — as a backdrop to Mame’s own financial woes, and her progressive-minded care of nephew Patrick introduces some rather avant garde philosophies to movie-going audiences.

Listen in as the Bowery Boys set up the film’s history, then give a rollicking synopsis through the zany plot line.

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