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‘Saving Stuyvesant Town’: The inside story of an historic real estate struggle

Even among New York’s many gigantic housing complexes, Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village stands apart — and not just literally, walled off from the surrounding neighborhoods like a massive, post-war fortress. SAVING STUYVESANT TOWNHow One Community Defeated The Worst Real Estate Deal In HistoryDaniel R. GarodnickThree Hills/Cornell University Press With over 11,000 apartments geared… Read More

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The breezy story of Ozone Park, Queens

Ozone Park, a quiet residential Queens neighborhood near Woodhaven, is one of those places created by real estate developers in the 1880s. It happens to have one of the best neighborhood names in all of New York City. So where did it come from? Ozone is a gas that exists as part of the Earth’s… Read More