PODCAST: Battery Park and Castle Clinton

Take a stroll through southern Manhattan’s Battery Park and Castle Clinton.

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A famous depiction in its own right, this is of Jenny Lind inside the Castle Garden auditorium:

Castle Clinton as Emigrant Depot

Castle Clinton as the New York City Aquarium in 1906

In our podcast, we mention many of the great monuments and statues of Battery Park. What we failed to mention is one of Battery Park’s most treasured features … Zelda the turkey!

Yes, that’s right, a turkey named Zelda lives in Battery Park and freely roams the lawn. She’s still there as far as I know (I last saw Zelda about four months ago). Hopefully, she’s keeping warm for the winter.

(Above photo courtesy of Curbed)

A fixture of future Battery Park — if the Battery Conservancy gets its way — will be a swanky new aquatic-themed carousel, paying tribute to the former aquarium there.