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History in the Making: Jackson Paint Splattering Edition

Tomorrow is Jackson Pollock’s 100th birthday. A trip to MOMA is in order! Also check out this gorgeous collection of ‘behind the scenes’ photos. (Photo by Loomis Dean, Life)

I’m just getting back from a trip so the blog’s been a little thin of articles this week. But we’re back to normal here next week,  plus we are putting together a new podcast, discussing a major New York City landmark.  In the meantime….

Far Out, Man: The joy of writing about topics from the 60s and 70s is that people sometimes stumble onto old blog posts and recount their experiences in the comments section. For instance, you should really check out some of the comments on my December 2009 posting on the psychedelic New York nightclub Cerebrum. Thanks to the former patrons of the strange, strange little club who chimed in with their experiences! [Welcome To Cerebrum: Do You Have A Reservation?]

Setting Sail: The South Street Seaport Museum is open once again for business, thanks to the Museum of the City of New York. The uptown museum brings with it a few retooled former exhibitions from its galleries, as well as a photographic take on the Occupy Wall Street movement.  [South Street Seaport Museum]

Backstage Deli: The closing of an East Village deli reveals a startling secret — a former movie theater from the 1950s. Thanks to Sierra for sending us the link via Facebook [Gothamist].

How The Other Half Reads: Jacob Riis enters the 21st century! His book ‘How The Other Half Lives’ comes to Kindle, iPad and other reading devices courtesy a new edition featuring extensive commentary and notes by author Lorenzo Dominguez.  [Download it here]

Illuminating: Today in 1880, Thomas Edison received a patent for the incandescent lamp. Fans of our Electric New York podcast will want to commemorate by turning on all their lights today. [via Twitter, Milstein Room @ NYPL}

And finally….

The King: Today marks a big day in Bowery Boys land. Our podcast on Robert Moses (Episode #100) officially becomes our most downloaded show of all time, supplanting our Halloween show Haunted Tales of New York (Episode #91).

Here’s a little Moses for your wet Friday: The parks commissioner appeared as a guest on the February 1953 episode of the panel program Longines Chronoscope:

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