Mad Men

Odds and ends: Mad Men, NY Observer and great books!

Drinks with the Drapers: we may see the end of 1967 in the opening episode. (courtesy AMC)

‘Mad Men’ Season 6 begins this Sunday 9EST.  If you’re a fan of late ’60s New York and American pop culture from that period, follow along with me on Twitter at @boweryboys.  As I do with ‘Boardwalk Empire’ and BBC America’s ‘Copper’, I’ll be doing running historical commentary featuring details from the episode.

Don’t worry, I won’t spoil any significant plot points (in case you’re watching later).  There won’t be any Tweets like “The gun Joan uses to shoot Draper with is an Anschutz 164, a ’64 original from J.C. Penney.”  Perhaps more like “Before the 1968 Gun Control Act, it was possible to buy firearms at retailers like J.C Penney and Sears.”  (That’s actually a real gun, but no, I don’t think Joan shoots Don Draper.)

Below: In case you’re worried about spoilers, here’s some examples of Tweet from the a May episode from last season:

Click here to read past blog posts regarding episodes from Seasons 4 and 5.  My last article on Mad Men (about the season finale last year) was about shock therapy on Riverside Drive.

Our thanks to the New York Observer for including us in their roundup of favorite NYC-centric podcasts!  We’re on the list with Alec Baldwin, Julie Klausner and Ophira Eisenberg’s ‘Ask Me Another’, so we’re honored to be included. [NYObserver]


The Bowery Boys Book of the Month for April will be revealed on this month’s podcast with a review and an interview with the author next week.  Have you checked out our first two selections from February (Sailor Twain: Mermaid On The Hudson) and March (The Measure of Manhattan)?


The latest trailer for ‘The Great Gatsby’ reveals new shots of old New York, including The Plaza and Central Park:


And our big Episode #150, coming up tomorrow!  Bringing back a tale of rivalry between Manhattan and Brooklyn….

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