Film History

Does Pauline Kael like it? A new documentary looks at the New Yorker film critic’s tenacious career

Could you imagine Pauline Kael‘s opinions of Netflix and Amazon growing influence over the motion picture industry? What would she say about watching The Irishman — made by one of her favorite film directors — on an iPhone? Would she be a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? (I think we can predict that answer.) […]

Windswept melodrama and vicious New York critics: The strange story of the Ziegfeld Theatre’s longest-running film

The Ziegfeld Theater, one of Manhattan’s last single-screen movie theaters, is reported to be running into some financial difficulties with rumors of possible closure. (The owner of the theater, Cablevision, denies this.) I think the real story here is how — in a landscape of multiplexes and state-of-the-art home theaters — this respected dinosaur, sitting […]