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The Ruins of Roosevelt Island: The macabre history of New York’s “city of asylums”

The Renwick Ruin, resembling an ancient castle lost to time, appears along the East River as a crumbling, medieval-like apparition, something not quite believable. Sitting between two new additions on Roosevelt Island — the campus of Cornell Tech and FDR Four Freedoms Park — these captivating ruins, enrobed in beautiful ivy, tell the story of… Read More

A stroll through haunted ruins: North Brother Island

Pic courtesy I just noticed that Thirteen/PBS’s The City Concealed did a great video piece exploring the rarely seen abandoned hospital structures of North Brother Island. Creepy! Watch it here. North Brother Island, today a bird sanctuary located in the crowded channel between Queens and the Bronx, is best known for its 19th-century smallpox… Read More