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Listening to the Silent Parade of 1917: The Forgotten Civil Rights March

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“To the beat of muffled drums 8,000 negro men, women and children marched down Fifth Avenue yesterday in a parade of ‘silent protest against acts of discrimination and oppression’ inflicted upon them in this country, and in other parts of the world. Without a shout or a cheer they made their cause known through the many banners which they carried, calling attention to Jim Crowism, segregation, disfranchisement, and riots of Waco, Memphis and East St. Louis.” — New York Times

The Silent Parade of July 28, 1917, was unlike anything ever seen in New York City. Today it is considered New York’s (and most likely America’s) first African-American civil rights march.

New York had seen its share of protest parades since the start of World War I, but none had featured so prominently the city’s African-American population, gathering in such impressive numbers along New York’s wealthiest street.

This extraordinary procession was organized by the National Association of the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), a group of concerned black and white activists and intellectuals which had formed less than a decade earlier in New York.

The march was organized in direct response to a horrible plague of violence against black Americans in the 1910s, culminating in the East St. Louis Riots*, a massacre involving white mobs storming black neighborhoods in sheer racial animus.

In Illinois, two sets of riots in May and July 1917 left almost 200 people dead. Rioters burned black neighborhoods, cutting off water hoses and watched as families fled the burning buildings — to be picked off by gunmen.

From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on July 3:

This massacre was but one of several violent incidents aimed at new black laborers, pointed attacks meant to strike fear in the hearts of black Americans.

The circumstances of World War I exacerbated an already volatile crisis. As W.E.B. DuBois would explain it,

The Negro, attracted by higher wages in the North and repelled by the menace of lynchinig and caste in the South moves in to fill the new labor demand [caused by the war].  The common laborer in the North is caught between the tyranny of exclusive trade unions and the underbidding of blacks. The rest is murder and riot and unrest…. White Northern laborers find killing Negroes a safe, lucrative employment which commends them to the American Federation of Labor.”

W.E.B Du Bois in 1918.

In New York, at a meeting of the NAACP in Harlem, president James Weldon Johnson (at the suggestion of New York Evening Post editor Oswald Villard) proposed an unusual but effective form of protest — an army of marchers along Fifth Avenue, drawing attention to the victims of the East St. Louis riot.

And in an unprecedented decision by the organizers, it would consist only of black marchers.

Underwood & Underwood

New York newspaper reports of the riot passively mentioned the tragic cost to the black residents of East St. Louis; a dramatic march down the city’s most prosperous street — comprised of those very people most likely to be victimized in such riots — would jar the delicate sensibilities of insulated New Yorkers.

This was a fairly radical idea for its time. Decades after the Civil War, most Americans, even in the most progressive states, still looked skeptically at organized black movements. Part of the NAACP’s early legitimacy for many was that it was formed by a mixture of black and white activists.

James Weldon Johnson, one of the architects of the Silent Parade

In 1915, the NAACP (in a crusade led by newspaper editor William Monroe Trotter) protested the release of the film Birth of a Nation, the trailblazing film that positively depicted the Ku Klux Klan while demonizing African-Americans. The protests failed to stop the film’s release but this organized resistance galvanized the NAACP and the black community for future battles.

While the East St. Louis tragedy was the focus of the mournful July 28th gathering, the march was intended as a larger protest against civil rights abuses in the United States. One of many flyers passed around during the march declared :

We march because we are thoroughly opposed to Jim Crow cars, segregation, disenfranchisement and the host of evils that are forced upon us. We march in memory of our butchered dead, the massacre of honest toilers who were removing the reproach of laziness and thriftlessness hurled at the entire race. They died to prove our worthiness to live. We live in spite of death shadowing us and ours.”Â

Below: The organizers marched in front of the women and children. At far right are W.E.B. Du Bois and James Weldon Johnson.

Underwood and Underwood

The thousands of people who marched that day came from virtually every African-American church in New York City and the surrounding area. A drum corps and a troupe of black Boy Scouts vibrantly led the parade, with women and children following behind, garbed in white dresses.

The men, some in United States army uniforms, marched last behind a row of flag bearers, holding representative flags from the United States, Great Britain, Liberia and Haiti.

New York Tribune

There were no chants or rallying cries. The throng remained silent during the length of the parade, a common practice for peace parades but one pregnant with meaning here. The black communities in East St. Louis and in the South had little opportunity to engage in such protests.

New Yorkers, in solidarity, would echo that reverberating silence. (It may also have been prudent for large groups of African-Americans marching along the city’s whitest street to keep themselves calcified.)

The marchers were orderly and stone-faced as they walked down Fifth Avenue — from 57th Street to 24th Street, culminating at Madison Square Park.  They were not allowed to gather there; according to the New York Sun, “When the marchers reached Twenty-Fourth Street, they turned west and were dismissed.”

While there were no chants, political intentions were made known via a series of banners interspersed among the marchers:

‘Your Hands Are Full of Blood’

‘Pray for the Lady Macbeths of East St. Louis’**

‘We Are Maligned as Lazy and Murdered When We Work’

‘From  Bunker Hill to Carrizal*** We Have Done Our Duty’

One ‘controversial’ sign was thrown out of the march. According to the Times, the sign “displayed a picture of a negro woman kneeling before President Wilson and appealing to him to bring democracy to America before carrying it to Europe.” The police intervened, and the sign was removed.

Below: A newspaper illustration that was most certainly used in the offending sign

No other incidents surrounding the march were reported that day. Thousands of onlookers had lined the parade route that day out of curiosity, amusement, pride, anger and joy. Some were shaken to the core.

“[T]he streets of New York have witnessed many strange sites, but I judge, never one stranger than this; among the watchers were those with tears in their eyes. — James Weldon Johnson, The Autobiography of James Weldon Johnson, 1937


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NOTE: The number of marchers so widely varies from source to source that I can safely say that it was between 5,000 and 15,000 marchers. Not exactly precise! Judging from all reports, I would guess the actual number is closer to 15,000.

*East St. Louis, on the Illinois side, is about 15 miles away from Ferguson, the St. Louis suburb on the Missouri side.

**According to author Nikki Brown, the ‘Lady Macbeth’ sign references “an alleged incident wherein at least two white women pulled black women off a streetcar, tore off one woman’s clothing and ‘then took off her shoes and beat her over the face and head with their shoe heels’.”

***The Battle of Carrizal had been fought in Mexico a year before the march. Unlike the battles in Europe, African-American soldiers served with American units on the front lines of this engagement.

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I can honestly say there was never a mention about this march in any history class that I had in school. Why I don’t know, but should be not only during black history month, but all year long. The riots were mentioned, but only in a small parts. This marched proved that the whole world knew how bad things have become. The people in this marched knew that they did not have to say a word, because just by marching they told the whole world that change was needed now,not later. I learned about this march today, because Google was honoring this historical day. I am happy that I got the chance to learn about this march and everyone should learn more about it.

I agree. I’ve never known anything about this march until now. Real shame honestly. I’m about to share this with my children as I always do when I learn something new.

Our histories pivot around wars. Our country uses war in order to tell stories that are considered heroic. These stories require an uncomfortable repositioning of the heroic spotlight. Who writes and edits our stories matters greatly.

Thank you Google for making this historic march your banner today. I read the full article and was fascinated and enlightened. I need to figure out how to share…

The paradox of education is precisely this – that as one begins to become conscious one begins to examine the society in which he is being educated.
“The American Negro must rebuild his past in order to make his future. Though it is orthodoxy to think of America as the one country where it is unnecessary to have a Past, what is a luxury for the nation as a whole becomes a prime social necessity for the Negro. For him, a group tradition must supply compensation for persecution, and pride of Race the antidote for prejudice. History must restore what Slavery took away, for it is the social Damage of Slavery that the present generation must repair and offset….”

Not only slavery, but also Jim Crow(Black Codes), desegregation, and the continuing agenda by the White mainstream media and White-controlled “educational” institutions to criminalize & degrade us; to distort information to both discredit and justify killing us; daily bombarding the public with faulty info to fuel hatred towards us, as well as influence the weak-minded among us to internalize their racist messages.

Great read thanks for sharing. Apparently this was not omportant enought to teach us as children. Shame on those who determine what our American history truly is.

This was very touching and informative. In spite of it all, our country still possess the potential to become great. As the old saying goes “Anyone that does not learn from history, is destined to repeat it.” I pray that we learn.

Because people became frustrated so silent marches gave way to vocal marches and violence. Funny how people have an issue with riot violence and police violence that causes the riot in the first place.

Not Suggesting. We’re *Stating* Black Lives Matter is a False Bullshit Agenda, Built on a False Lie.
Black Lives Matter is Now Considered a Potential Terrorist Group Cell.
You Must Never Forget What I’ve Taught You Here Today

So what is the Klu Klux Klan then….. they killed thousands of black people. Not one person was killed under the flag of black lives matter. So which group is really the terrorist of the bunch? If you read the article their protest is no different than the things or statements of the black lives matter movement… only difference is that black lives matter are allowed to be vocal. In that day in time if those black individuals even said one word they would have been killed.

Let’s let this piece of history speak for itself. To respond to those who are unable to be educated (enlighten, taught, schooled, informed) i.e. Stan, etc. is the very strong hold of why this March was important. We cannot answer to every bigot, racist etc., with words in hopes that they will see or comprehend the plight of a people they detest, have exploited, denigrate or lynched. Least our actions and our hearts of true unity and determination not to be ignored or dismissed stand for itself. I believe all lives matter and I believe we must show ourselves as well as others that we as a human race have to respect humanity and thus each other. For we are all God’s children. It’s a shame that some people believe they are better than another, although they hold the same existence to life but deficient in wisdom; for as you see me, you see yourself.
Ignore them and let’s stand in silence to disregard their inability to rise above their diminutive and insignificant thoughts and see a bigger picture of the past and hope, struggle, better yet demand with dignified authority we will not give up on our ancestors fight which will always be our fight; All Men Are Created Equal, we matter and we exist with GREATNESS that we have naturally inhibit. We have contributions far beyond they have ever given, developed or will ever WORK for. Let our history of strength and resilience bear as evidence.

Of course you would say that! Its the Republican Agenda and bigots agenda. They’re good at deception. Remember how Obama was a Muslim that wanted to take your guns and institute Sharia Law? Remember that deception?

List exactly what crimes they have committed instead of laying down false claims and scare tactics that were used against Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, and countless others that wanted to fight or get from under oppression and injustice.

List one terrorist act that they have committed? Let me educate you about “Black Lives Matter”

#BlackLivesMatter was created in 2012 after Trayvon Martin’s murderer, George Zimmerman, was acquitted for his crime, and dead 17-year old Trayvon was posthumously placed on trial for his own murder. Rooted in the experiences of Black people in this country who actively resist our dehumanization, #BlackLivesMatter is a call to action and a response to the virulent anti-Black racism that permeates our society.Black Lives Matter is a unique contribution that goes beyond extrajudicial killings of Black people by police and vigilantes.

It goes beyond the narrow nationalism that can be prevalent within Black communities, which merely call on Black people to love Black, live Black and buy Black.

When we say Black Lives Matter, we are broadening the conversation around state violence to include all of the ways in which Black people are intentionally left powerless at the hands of the state. We are talking about the ways in which Black lives are deprived of our basic human rights and dignity.

#BlackLivesMatter is working for a world where Black lives are no longer systematically and intentionally targeted for demise. We affirm our contributions to this society, our humanity, and our resilience in the face of deadly oppression. We have put our sweat equity and love for Black people into creating a political project–taking the hashtag off of social media and into the streets. The call for Black lives to matter is a rallying cry for ALL Black lives striving for liberation.


The many chapters of Neo-Nazi groups that NO ONE considers a threat to democracy!

The KKK chapters across the country that NO ONE considers a threat to democracy!

Rogue Cops within the force NO ONE considers a threat to democracy!

Call “Black Lives Matter” anything you want! you are full of deceit and falsehood!!!

I believe that BLM is a domestic terrorist organization and has done way too much damage to the black community. They have 1 mission to make sure people never stop seeing color. Now before you accuse of being a white supremacist because surely any one who would disagree with black folks has to be a white supremacist; I not I’m a Pakistani American. I agree with Larry Elder.

…and you’re an idiot! Just like Larry Elder–self-loathing, carpetbagger from the right! Now shut up before Trump strips away your American citizenship and ships you off to your Mother Land.

True liberal fashion SHUT UP because we don’t agree with you. Nothing you said is racist at all LOL

You’re freaking STUPID, and of course, a CONservative.

“They have 1 mission to make sure people never stop seeing color.”

It’s NOT “about seeing color”….but instead for racists to stop associating skin color with racist beliefs.

It’s no different than educating Whites to “stop associating a person wearing a turban with terrorism.

Here’s the BLM website, and it contains their mission, but I’ve sure a racist like you won’t read it.

“Now before you accuse of being a white supremacist because surely any one
who would disagree with black folks has to be a white supremacist; I
not I’m a Pakistani American.”

You have CONSUMED and embraced White supremacist beliefs about African Americans.
You have been mis-educated in Amerikkkan schools and by the White mainstream media about Blacks.
I have Pakistani friends who are VERY different from your racist azz.

Too much name calling, you should take more advantage of being in America with access to quality education, people from the world over come here for that education. Now to address your virtue signaling post, I apologize, I’m sorry……… to have disappointed you in that I didn’t automatically join your false grievance march. Must point out all Muslims do not wear turbans I think you mean Sikhs (Religious thing because of long hair). Also, Did you just imply that White people train each other to look at everyone with a turban on and call them a terrorist? That in itself is racist! that’s why I call BLM a terrorist and racist organization because every time one proceeded to protect a person based on color in society; it’s RACIST. BLM is a perfect umbrella to house racists and calls them SJW’s, I’m not sure why you directed me to read a mission statement on BLM website as if it means any thing, really? It’s like reading Washington Post’s “Democracy dies in darkness” line, not buying it! There are several videos on YT clearly showing in action how racist “Some of” BLM members are. It started out with good intention but went about everything in a totally wrong way. See, 24 hrs news as a business is a bad idea because when there is no news, you have to create it to keep rolling, just like BLM, no racism, create it.

You have no idea what I’ve embraced and believe, but you have taken it upon yourself to call me lets see: Stupid, Conservative, racist azz [Spelt ASS].How do you know I’m not black Pakistani? Do you believe that there are no Black people in Pakistan? This is why I call BLM what I call it, because their only indoctrination to its members is that If some one disagrees with you, they have to have embraced and consumed WHITE SUPRAMISTS beliefs or are white supremacists, either you are with us or against us. Are their white racists, sure! are the black racists absolutely and most of them hide in BLM. All I can say there is a reason why Indians from India and Asians come to the United States and do so well and hit the ground running because they don’t play the victim. This country is full of opportunities to the ones who work hard for it, no one is stopping you but your yourself. Even my dumb azz can tell you that no one is American in 2017 is pushed aside based on the color of their skin. Maybe .00000000000000001% but that also goes for whites that get pushed aside based on the color of their skin. Abraham Lincoln said “Don’t believe everything you read on the internet”
Signing out: Uncle Tom ☺️

Just to give a quick lesson on semantics and grammar–“Azz” is considered slang, or colloquial English–it’s deliberate distortion and poetic license of language. Very very different from YOUR grammatical errors. Here’s a couple of your grammar missteps “Now to address your virtue signaling post” WHAT? Dude, that’s wack grammar.

@disqus_hOnNvYPv8r:disqus He’s telling you to shut up because as a Pakistani-and as you self-identify as “new immigrant” waving an American Flag, you do not have the right to speak on what oppresses the the black community since you are not a member of that community–nor are you welcome to our community with polarizing rhetoric and inaccurate hyperbole . You do not even have the right to call us “black folks” . You need to focus on the great harm –horrific anti-human rights violations against humanity—against women that has been done by some Pakistanis in the name of Pakistan. When you have resolved that–then maybe, maybe —there would be more open to dialogue with you on the civil rights issues against African Americans. Otherwise all you are doing is lazy trolling and illustrating you have no real life or ambition except to hurt. And if that is your ambition in life, then sir, you are pathetic, indeed.

Refreshing! According to that (Failed) argument shouldn’t you SHUT UP because YOU have no idea what it means to be Pakistani? I believe you have no right to speak either about what oppresses the Pakistani community. Just saying it’s a two-way street. BLM is very hard at work to shut everyone up by name screaming “Racist” if you disagree with any thing, sadly it’s working.


You are very eager to group all African Americans as one community (A sentiment that all African American’s do not hold, that’s why Obama refused to go back to Chicago and stayed in WA) which you have clearly stated, you know like back in the day when Whites wanted their own community and didn’t want you in their community; like that, it’s RACIST.

Yes I self-identify as a new immigrant and a Boeing AH-64 Apache attack helicopter so don’t call me Sir that very privileged of you do so so, and then claim you’re oppressed, are you being mean because I’m an immigrant? I’m eager to assimilate as a “new immigrant” and I don’t want to buy into any rhetoric without doing my own research so I use this thing called “BOOKS” you should try them, iT automatically give you subject matter to talk about on a lot of things, even things like static mechanics, don’t have to be a Ph.D or a graduate in race studies to have a discussion, I’ve read a lot about this GREAT country’s history I had 130+ countries to choose from, I choose to be American, wasn’t born into it, paid good money to come here legally I might add and many butt hurt folks have gotten back to me defending Social Justice and fighting for racism and equality by telling me to go back, shut-up or you’ll be deported, don’t speak, you have NO RIGHTS to speak about us etc etc. This isn;t Harry Potter. You are fighting the white’s for oppression you think exists and I’m fighting you for some thing that I DO not believe exists on the scale that BLM is claiming. I guess time for a “Pakistani Lives matter” movement too. I hope I’m not the only one seeing the irony of this? 🙂

So correct me if I’m wrong but in the early day’s white people said you were not allowed in white communities, didn’t the great civil rights movement get rid of that failed mentality? But it’s now OK for you to segregate in 2017 by saying “you do not have the right to speak on what oppresses the the black community since you are not a member of that community–nor are you welcome to our community with polarizing rhetoric and inaccurate hyperbole”??? Confused? What makes me inaccurate and you accurate, color? National Status? Are folks like yourself with “OUR COMMUNITY” failed mentality not holding black only graduations at Universities and being allowed to do so, aren’t activists pushing for Black only dorms at Universities? and being allowed to do so, so I ask again where is the oppression you speak off?

This is what I say you as a young one, you have good intentions (Maybe) but overall BLM does not, I’m also going to have to put my money on Shawn King actually being white, just saying. You’re being brain washed into believing that you are oppressed. Oppression is what Africans had under S. African rule, Oppression is what all minorities face in Muslim majority countries every single day. We just had a black President, an Attorney General I & II, Cheif Diversity officer, US Amb to the UN, Domestic Policy Council, my FAV Rear Admiral Erica Schwarts… This list can go on and on but I’m not seeing this Oppression you speak off.

Show me who the black community is oppressed? Who has been turned way from an education or opportunities based on the color of their skin? African Americans dominate the sports in this country and make millions, they dominate many of the Musical Genres and also make millions, I love Kevin Hart, I believe he’s also the highest paid right now { God bless that guy }, Oprah, Beyonce, etc etc Also here is a list of much admired Black Astronauts:

This does not look like the sign of an oppressive nation, come with me to Pakistan and I’ll show you how they oppress the minority Christians and Hindus living there, they’re not even allowed to hold office of ANY kind, so as a new comer I’m finding it very difficult to SEE this oppression you speak off. There are 1000’s of black leaders in the Military that are forces to reckon with, Collin Powell is a personal hero of mine. Look at these folks for inspiration, I promise, you would be better off, get away from this “I am oppressed” mentality. These folks I’ve just admired don’t look through glasses of racism and work hard and have made it. I do not deny the past but this oppression the BLM and young pups like you speak off I have not seen it. What I have seen is what happened in Everest College in WA, I’ve seen white folks being beat up just for being white. Doesn’t sound like an oppressive nation to me.

As attempting to shame me about Pakistan then again it comes back on you, shame yourself about that too. Pakistan is not causing great harm and horrific human rights violations against humanity or against women, neither is Saudi Arabia, neither is Qatar, neither are the nations that the govt. put on the terror watch list, it’s ———-“ISLAM!”———– And the very same people I ran away from are being allowed in Europe and American by you SJW death squads folks with out any checks and balances. I bet right now you’re thinking IF only we had know where he was coming from we could have put a ban on that place, which is why you should be very careful of who you allow to come here with out any checks and balances, they all will not fall in line with what you want. Going back to you accusations the same folks you accuse of Human rights violations and crimes against humanity, they’re all slipping in here. Moderates like me have been begging you, folks, not to do that and don’t by the BS they feed you, but you go ahead and make snakes like Linda Sarsour your leader of the womens march! You’ve got CAIR funded by Hamas working closely with you SJW’s to promote equality for women, you’ve got to be kidding me? I rest my case!

oh and for you dumbos out there “The hijab is a form of oppression on women NOT empowerment!!!!

I might be a lot of things but I will never be afraid to say the emperor has no clothes on. Didn’t move here to SHUT UP!

Some interesting website for you to BACK up MY claims:

I did not tell you to shut up—I merely explained the reason how it was strongly suggested by someone else, that you do so. I never mentioned Black Lives Matter–I never mentioned White Conspiracy. You have an agenda–even screaming about the word Sir. Bowery Boys—can’t you do something about this?

So correct me if I’m wrong but in the early day’s white people said you were not allowed in white communities, didn’t the great civil rights movement get rid of that failed mentality?

{“Failed mentality?”
WHAT are you talking about? You speak gibberish–and think it {passes for intellectual discourse.}

But it’s now OK for you to segregate in 2017 by saying “you do not have the right to speak on what oppresses the the black community since you are not a member of that community–nor are you welcome to our community with polarizing rhetoric and inaccurate hyperbole”???

{That’s not segregation. You took me literally which was asinine and {juvenile–but speaks to your lack of intelligence and insight.}

Confused? What makes me inaccurate and you accurate, color? National Status? Are folks like yourself with “OUR COMMUNITY” failed mentality not holding black only graduations at Universities and being allowed to do so, aren’t activists pushing for Black only dorms at Universities? and being allowed to do so, so I ask again where is the oppression you speak off?

{I will put it a different way.
You do not have the authority to speak with any credibility about oppression with African Americans. It’s true one does not have to be part of our community to understand and even feel the cruelty we experience –but it is more accute as member of the black community.

Because you do not personally see it–does not mean, it does not exist. But you are making fantastic claims that based your personal and limited biased perceptions –that you can issue such absolutes, that there is no oppression

What makes me authentic is because I am part of the black community—I know what it is like to be discriminated against because I experience it every day.

And what’s up with using “failed mentality?” Such stupidity. Gibberish.
Finally —you are very very brave. Posting without a picture ! Hah!
Hiding behind your keyboard.

I think you are A coward. I think you are a troll and it’s unconscionable — that people came to pay respect–you picked a fight with people—we are still grieving over the last murdered citizen–and this page is respecting the history of protesting –and you are sickening and I am going to block you

I did not tell you to shut up—I merely explained the reason why it was strongly suggested by someone else, that you do so. I never mentioned Black Lives Matter–I never mentioned White Conspiracy. You clearly have an agenda–even going so far to scream about the word “Sir”. But,yes, YES SHUT UP. “SHUT THE FUCK UP.”
You do not contribute anything except hatred.}

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Never see this user again. None of their activity and IDIOTIC RACIST COWARDLY comments will appear in any of your Disqus content, feeds, or notifications.

Black Lives Matter is a False Lie Built on a False Agenda, Just Like Your Reading on This Very Page..
( Its all Bullshit)

Stan W is a liar who likes to go around spreading HIS FALSE AGENDA. Go do what bigots like you do best–wash and starch your sheets and prepare for your next Klan march!

…”ignorant people always feel the need to have their voices heard.” Elizabeth, you have described “yourself” and your comment perfectly! Black Lives Matter may be a lot of things…but one thing it is not is “ignorant.” You my dear need to take a long look in the mirror and take a Black History class while you’re at it. I guess Dr. King and all those singing and chanting folks of the Civil Rights Movement were ignorant too.

…ummmm….let me see. I think it had something to do with all of those black “citizens” being killed by the police and then the system deeming the killings “justifiable” when even Stevie Wonder could see that they weren’t. America today doesn’t deserve this type of decency. The civility and decency displayed by African Americans in the past is lost on YOU and certain “types” of folks in this country.

Any moron with 1/4 brain would and should call it a terrorist organization. But I must point out because it’s only fair and being a new immigrant I’m not subject to the guilt others feel that, Founded in 1866, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) extended into almost every southern state by 1870 and became a vehicle for white southern resistance to the “Republican Party’s Reconstruction-era” policies aimed at establishing political and economic equality for blacks. Just sayin.


This was an interesting bit of history that I never knew until now. It’s unfortunate that I was never taught this in any school or college, but what’s even more unfortunate is that 100 years have passed and nothing has changed.

My heart paused a moment at the revelation of this courageous significant chronicle. Thank you Bowery Boys and Google for bringing to light our voices of silent protest against discrimination.

I’m sure there is much more of our history that we don’t know and won’t know if we don’t dig deep for it as this person has done, I am always amazed when I come across stories such as this one, it always leaves me wonder “why have they hidden so much of our history?” Thanks for sharing yet another piece of our history that shows we are not lazy, and yes we will stand up for our rights!

This is False Agenda Written Within The Page. The Blacks of Today Are Spoiled Rotten Due to what The White-Man has Given Them.

Today; Blacks Account For Only 12.9% of The USA Population / Blacks Are Also Responsible For 90% of All Violent Crime.

Blacks Have Not Evolved Very Far Since The Turn of The Century- Blacks Remain Their *Own Worse Problem*

You could use a brush up with grammar; in particular capitalization, use of colon v semi colon, and a few more items

Stan W. Wow, you speak as though you are an authority on this subject. Can I ask what letters you hold in the history and plight of the black man? Where did you study the economic, social and political experiences of this subject? I would guess that, per usual, you are a white man (as can be ascertained from your photo) that just decides from your perch of security that your “it’s their own fault” points are gospel. You insult this page, you insult a whole people and most of all, you insult the God that made you and hoped you would be a better man.

People like you really prove the point of “RACISM STILL EXISTS”. LOL! People like you make up shit to make it sound like whites had nothing to do with the issues people of color have today. I bet somebody in you family’s history was in the Klan. smh. You have been brain washed to think the way you do. So sad that you don’t care to see the truth. You looking at the pictures and still yelling FALSE AGENDA, well my friend you are what Trump would call FAKE NEWS!

…The white man has never given Blacks (or any other group) in this country nothing but a hard way to go. If it wasn’t for the Native Americans your ancestors wouldn’t have made it in America and if it wasn’t for the hard labor of Blacks and other non-white ethnic groups like the Chinese and Mexicans–there would be no America. Your white ancestors were dropping dead like flies when it came to labor and hard work. And YOUR racist a$$ can quote all the stats you want on crime. The bottom line is–you white folks commit WAY too much crime in this country to be throwing stones at any other ethnic group. RACISM…it kills the brain cells. Yours, evidently, have been dead for quite some time.

I feel sorry for you Stan. You can’t help how you were raised but as an adult you have resources to deal with your pathology. Think about this, that black people were brought here against their will, sold as property and forced to work against their will, the very definition of slavery, then when finally emancipated still treated with the same mentality, violence and oppression. Not a whole lot has changed since then. Even though “laws” have changed, the institutionalized effects of prejudice and bigotry are so entrenched who knows how much better it will get. I can guess that with mentalities such as yours, it will remain an uphill battle.

Stan, this was such a nice discussion of people being grateful to know more about black history. Then you decided to plunge it into the usual nonsense.

Black have NEVER in the history of the United States been responsible for 90% of violent crimes. Where exactly is your source document? Te number in recent decades has been closer to 50%. But even that number can be deceptive. in over 60% of crimes, the race of the assailant is not known… so the data about who is doing what is only baed on WHO IS CAUGHT and prosecuted successfully. That does NOT tell you who is committing these crimes (as you have been supposing).

Seeing that parade everyone was in unity, today blacks are segregating amongst themselves . Light skinned blacks getting many opportunities darks skin wouldn’t get has caused so much hate among African Americans to their own. I have seen African Americans hating each other for things that are not to hate. I would love to see the unity. Today being black around black is no different than being around any other non African American race that is not fond of black. Very sad , wish I can fix it.

YOU can fix it! Start with yourself and those around you. First stop stereotyping African-American culture. We’re like any other culture of people–you have the good and the bad, the positive and the negative. There are far too many of us NOT participating in the things you mentioned (the caste system, self-loathing, self-hatred)—African Americans do not own the patent to these attributes; they are global and exist one way or the other in every culture. Educate yourself so you can educate others and “challenge” their ignorance when they have the nerve to voice it. And take every opportunity to educate OUR young when they voice or mimic the ignorance of others (i.e,–TV, negative hip-hop culture, etc).

It is a shame the amount of history we are denied in school. Yes, it is African American history, but it is US history as well. Good , bad , or indifferent; the United States would not be what it is today without the history of everyone combined in this melting-pot country.

Thank you Bowery boys for posting this. My parents were middle aged when they gave birth to me it was a huge surprise but this march took place when my father was just 7 months old, more than 50 years before I was born. Lol

The crime against humanity committed in and out of this country should be called exactly that, “Crimes against Humanity”. Even in those days we are called lazy and criminals. So sad to see that there are still forces within this country that is doing whatever they can to continue the oppression of blacks. It’s so frustrating. also so sad that so many blacks have little interest in black history. American wants to be considered the greatest democracy but have always struggled with practicing democracy. Our history books should chronicle the lives of irish american, italian americans, Asian american, muslim american or whatever americans that contributed to the building of this nation, good or bad. We’re not even close to being a true democracy. closer to it on a good day but no cigars, yet.

I never knew about this. Like the one individual in the comments said this was never taught when I was in school and my children know nothing about this. Thank You Google for bringing this to the forefront and making it the banner for today. It was an awesome read.

Such an amazing story to share. I was completely unaware of this particular march in response to the riots and discrimination. My family did tell me of the riots in East St. Louis and 50 years later in Cairo, IL because most of my family are from these areas. So sad we don’t speak much of it in school because it helps to explain the animosity between not just ethnicity, but cities, towns and even neighborhoods. Thank you very much for sharing. I’m definitely sharing this!

African American History is American History! But we shouldn’t wait for it to show up in the classroom. Educate yourself! MALCOLM DID! Take a Black History or African Studies course or workshop. We keep asking “why” this and that doesn’t happen. Take a look in the mirror.

Sad to say that I took an African American Studies course decades ago and this march was not mentioned. I daresay the instructor had not heard of it either.
Thanks to today’s technology (Google) more of us are learning the sad truth.

Those who don’t know their history are bound to repeat it. And those who do, are forced to watch us repeat it. We didn’t all arrive here by force as the sign *Crispus Attucks* displays. But somehow under the guise of economy and freedom from mother England, being treated as less than human seems to be an underlying issue with those who somehow compare BLM to a terrorist group. They aren’t marching through suburbia Wisconsin with sheets and burning crosses threatening people not to vote. I guess since this country was built upon theft and terrorism (infecting blankets with diseases, trail of tears, internment camps, colonialism) that anything to the contrary suggesting civility somehow goes unrecognized in the history books.

You can’t learn from a history people keep telling you to forget…but when you don’t learn for yourself, you’re contempt with what everyone else tells you.
thanks Bowery Boys

Romia blue I totally agree, but here’s an adage to consider. It’s not that you can’t learn form a history people keep telling you to forget, rather, you can’t learn from a people who keep telling you to forget history. We must as everyone keeps saying, educate ourselves, research and publish the TRUTH and ultimately SHARE this knowledge. That is the only way we can rectify what has been improperly chronicled or omitted. Then fight to rewrite all history books, with the complete truth.

if the people telling our history are the very same ones rewriting it in front of our eyes, then you can’t learn either way. Remember last school semester, the state of Texas was trying to rewrite history books by calling slaves indentured servants. It’s this distortion of facts the reason why I say to learn for yourselves. It’s treatment and behavior learned from the retelling of “field vs house” dark vs light favored vs cursed that has continued to muddy the vision of those who follow without question since the bible (descendants of Hamm are cursed because he laughed at his father’s nakedness). There are published truths out there but depending on where the person is in their life, they will lack drive to continue learning depending on how that truth speaks to that individual (ie individuals like Stacey Dash, Omarosa and even Bruce/Caitlin Jenner who supported someone that doesn’t speak to their realities). You have the “Crabs in a barrel” who degrade and criticize without questioning who put us in that barrel to begin with. A crabs natural habitat is the ocean.

I have a profile…from All Hip Hop to TMZ, to The Young black and fabulous, I make my comments like I did here with the majority of attacks coming from young males who misunderstood my direction or internet trolls who add no value to what was said. I do what I can do when I can do it. Sometimes they allow me to explain my point of view like now. But often after I hit them with facts, they don’t reply. Maybe my knowledge worked on them…

I appreciate you sister…enjoy your weekend

This is a very good article, but I can not help to wonder why we weren’t taught these things in class I’m 21 years old and never heard of the silent march. Also its very sad to say that nothing has changed I’m a young Black and Hawaiian female and I live currently in Tennessee I’m from Ohio and I Can defiantly see the difference between here and back home, I just want to give thanks to everyone that has ever did anything about the racial matters that we have went through and we continue to go through. We as a unit we sufferer, in the end I’m still to trying to understand how the color of your skin makes you better or greater then someone with darker skin then yours but yet you want to tan, and love the urban music. Your welcome I thank you for the ones that loves equally. Because we are one unit and with a billion Heart Beats

Thanks to Bowery Boys & Google for bringing this history to the public, it’s a shame that all history is not taught in public schools.

the Bowery Boys deleted my comments and they allow the racist to scream obscenities about people of color and Black lIves Matter. Please post that I have complete contempt for that,okay? Nice going…

I learned about this march through a friend. This is one more eye-opening historical event on racism and crimes against non-whites that was not taught in any of the history classes I attended while in public school over ~35 years ago. I will share this with my children who I know will share it with their friends. Some may want to erase our not so shiny past, yet many will know the truth.

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