Goodbye Yankee Stadium

I can’t put up a tribute to Shea Stadium without giving a final farewell to that far older sports arena, Yankee Stadium, which will see its last regular season game tomorrow night. If you are a Yankees fan, they’re letting people into the stadium at 1 pm to tour Monument Park and even walk around… Read More

Booze and death in Gramercy Park

Ian Schrager’s refreshed and modernized Gramercy Park Hotel might seem a respite from the shock and scandals of his early years. But as far as I know, nobody ever jumped to their death from the roof of Studio 54. It happened in June 2002. The legendary Hotel had been controlled by the Weissberg family for… Read More

Pope-fest 2008: The Holy (Sight) See

Pope John Paul greets the crowds at Yankee Stadium Welcome Benedict! I’m not Catholic, but I do love a good papal visit to New York City. Nothing could be more absurd. The leader of the Catholic Church, a man who traces his spiritual lineage all the way back to the apostles — delivering mass at… Read More

What’s the fate of Thurman Munson’s locker?

At the end of the 2008 season, the Yankees will pack up their things and move across the street to their new stadium. The bronze plaques and memorials of Monument Park will also make the move across. Yet there is one more unusual memorial at the stadium the fate is which is undetermined. It’s nowhere… Read More


PODCAST: The New York Yankees

Get ready for nine innings (or 30 minutes) of the greatest sports team ever — the New York Yankees. Hear about their modest beginnings, their best players, and the fate of Yankee Stadium, their home for 85 years. (And I apologize in advance for this week’s echo-y sound…had some difficulty with one of my directional… Read More

The Hilltop home of the Yankees

Before they went by their better known name — and before they were any good — the team that would become ‘the Yankees’ were known as the Highlanders, from 1903-1913. The name played to a couple dated references. The team captain was named Joseph Gordon, and the name referenced a British military outfit named Gordon’s… Read More

New York’s love affair with ticker tape

Above: Golfer Bobby Jones assailed with wild strings of paper Whenever New Yorkers get really, really excited about something — as we are this week with the thrilling victory of the New York Giants over the New England Patriots — we like to take serpentine strips of paper and throw them out a window, primarily… Read More

A brief history of New York Giants

I’ve had a couple emails asking us to do a New York Giants podcast this week. Oh, had I known! We would have planned one. However, by the end of next month, we will unveil another major sports-themed podcast. In the meantime, here’s a few New York Giants’ non-statistical, history-related factoids to chew on and… Read More

More Things To Come: 1908!

The 1908 New York Yankees — Losers! Do you dare take a second glimpse into the crystal ball of things foretold of the upcoming year 1908? Observe and take care, for the following things will all happen this year: Baseball Scores Magically Appear … on Madison Square Diamonds! That’s dashing Willie Keeler above, in practice… Read More


PODCAST: The Copacabana

To get you in the mood for the weekend, every Friday we’ll be celebrating ‘FRIDAY NIGHT FEVER’, featuring an old New York nightlife haunt, from the dance halls of 19th Century Bowery, to the massive warehouse spaces of the mid-90s. Past entries can be found HERE. During the 40s and 50s, any celebrity worth their… Read More