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William ‘Boss’ Tweed: The King of Tammany Hall Was Born 200 Years Ago Today

One of our great sources of inspiration here on the Bowery Boys Podcast was born 200 years ago today — William Tweed, otherwise known as Boss Tweed.

This doesn’t mean he was a great guy. In fact, as the boss of America’s most infamous political machine Tammany Hall, you could say he formalized all the very worst aspects about local politics.

He was born on 1 Cherry Street on April 3, 1823, to a Scottish chair maker. The location of house, near that of George Washington’s first presidential mansion and the very first home ever lit was gaslighting, was demolished in the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge approaches.

Mark his birthday today by taking a dive into one of these top podcasts we’ve recorded over the years with Tweed as a central character, recounting his adventures and misdeeds

Boss Tweed and the Glory Days of Tammany Hall

The tale of America’s most infamous political machine and the rise and fall of its flamboyant William ‘Boss’ Tweed.

You cannot understand New York without understanding its most corrupt politician — William ‘Boss’ Tweed, a larger than life personality with lofty ambitions to steal millions of dollars from the city.

With the help of his Tweed Ring’ the former chair-maker had complete control over the city — what was being built, how much it would cost and who was being paid.

Boss Tweed’s House of Corruption

How the Tweed Courthouse became a symbol for everything rotten about 19th century American politics.

The Tweed Courthouse is more than a mere landmark. Once called the New York County Courthouse, the Courthouse is better known for many traits that the concepts of law and order normally detest — greed, bribery, kickbacks and graft.

The Changing Lower East Side: The View From Seward Park

In this special episode, we look at the history of New York City as seen through one corner of the Lower East Side. Created by the intersections of several streets, this is a place that has gone by many names — in the past and even today.

And in one inconceivable historical moment, a statue was almost raised here to William ‘Boss’ Tweed!

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