The New York City Subway and the creation of the IRT

PODCAST In the fourth part of our transportation series BOWERY BOYS ON THE GO, we finally take a look at the birth of the New York City subway. After decades of outright avoiding underground transit as a legitimate option, the city got on track with the help of August Belmont and the newly formed Interborough […]

Andrew Carnegie: Forced — forced — to live in luxury!

Being rich is a side effect of making money. That may sound like an absurd statement, but not when describing Andrew Carnegie, second richest man who ever walked the planet. The trappings of the Gilded Age never quite suited the wealthy steel magnate, who nevertheless owned one of the finest homes in New York City. […]

PODCAST: Peter Cooper and Cooper Union

Cooper Union is one of New York City’s more storied institutions, not only fostering the best and brightest of art and architecture, but playing host to presidents and activists. Also, find out a little about its amazingly resourceful founder Peter Cooper Listen to it for free on iTunes or other podcasting services. Or you can […]