1918: The Story of the Harlem Hellfighters

PODCAST (EPISODE 310): New York’s 369th Infantry Regiment was America’s first black regiment engaged in World War I.  The world knew them as the Harlem Hellfighters. On February 17, 1919, the Hellfighters – who had spent much of the year 1918 on the frontline – marched up Fifth Avenue to an unbelievable show of support… Read More

Wartime New York

Voyage into war: New Yorkers enlist for France a century ago

Men and women aboard La Lorraine, heading to France and the prospects of a grave war. War was newly ablaze in Europe one hundred years ago today. A latticework of alliances was slowly drawing virtually country on the continent into a conflict which would rage for years and later become known as World War I.… Read More

Lady Liberté and her little ladies of Paris

From this angle, she looks about the same, but looks can be deceiving (see below). I promise, we’re still doing podcasts! We’ll be back on the twice-a-month schedule starting next week. In the meantime, I’ve actually been away on vacation the past week and a half to another fabulous city and the birthplace of the… Read More