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The Bowery Boys Year In Review: Our 2013 podcasts

Here’s a recap of all the Bowery Boys podcasts from 2013 — from the most shocking art show of all time to the weirdest mayoral election in history, from the corridors of New York’s scariest psychiatric ward to the altar of the city’s most transformed church.  From colonial America to Sesame Street, through several feet of snow and into the lobby of Harlem’s most glamorous hotel.  We introduced you to the first television broadcasts and the first Broadway musicals.  And for 150th episode, we looked at the formation of the five boroughs and the sometimes contentious tale of becoming Greater New York.

Thank all of you for helping make this our greatest year ever.  Seriously.  This has truly been a game-changing kinda year for us, and we hope to provide you with even more interesting content next year.  I’m really looking forward to what the next year holds, and we hope that you’ll join us for more adventures through New York City history.  We’ll see you in 2014 with a whole new set of shows!

Episode #147:  The Armory Show of 1913

Blog post — Art Insanity: The elegant audacity of the Armory Show of 1913, the daring exhibit that awed and outraged America

Episode #148:  The Great Blizzard of 1888
Blog post — Frozen in time:  The Blizzard of 1888 knocks New York City off its feet, creating the deadliest commute in history
NOTE: This podcast has the unusual distinction of being released the same day as New York’s biggest snowstorm of the year!

Episode #149: John Peter Zenger and the Power of the Press
Blog post:  The Cosby Show: A despotic governor in colonial New York and the sensational trial of John Peter Zenger

Episode #150: Consolidation! The Forming of the Five Boroughs
Blog post: Consolidation: The tale of five boroughs and one big city

Episode #151: The Limelight: Church, Club and Mall
Blog post:  The many lives of the Limelight, aka the facade formerly known as the Church of the Holy Communion

Episode #152: Bellevue Hospital
Blog post: The startling history of Bellevue Hospital, beyond the horror stories, the last resort for the New York unwanted

Episode #153: NYC and the Birth of Television 
Blog post: New York and the birth of the television industry, experimental broadcasts from the city’s greatest landmarks

Episode #154:  New York in the Golden Age of Television 
Blog post: New York City in the Golden Age of Television: Behind the scenes with nine classic TV shows filmed in the city

Episode #155:   Sesame Street to Seinfeld: NYC TV 1969-2013 
Blog post: NYC in the modern TV age, from Sesame Street to Seinfeld, as the arrival of cable brings new productions to the city

Episode #156:  The Boy Mayor of New York
Blog post: The Boy Mayor of New York — John Purroy Mitchel and a series of unfortunate events shake up a New York election

Episode #157: Early Ghost Stories of Old New York
Blog post: Ghost stories of old New York: Tales from the Revolution, restless Indians, haunted forts and a drunk, headless actor

Episode #158: Hotel Theresa: The Waldorf of Harlem
Blog post: The Hotel Theresa — An historic treasure in Harlem

Episode #159: The Broadway Musical: Setting The Stage
Blog post: The Broadway Musical — A trip through NYC’s musical history, from HMS Pinafore to Show Boat, along its most famous street

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