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The Bowery Boys 8th Annual New York Ghost Stories Podcast rises from the grave this Thursday

It’s our favorite time of year — time for the annual Bowery Boys New York ghost stories podcast. The new show — featuring four more frightening tales — will be available this Thursday.

Our new show will feature an otherworldly spirit from a Brooklyn cemetery, an apparition on the train tracks, a purportedly haunted hotel in Coney Island and the tormented haunting of a curious 1830s home so famous that it was covered by every major New York newspaper of the day.

Catch up on the tradition by listening in to our last seven ghost story shows. You can listen at the links below, download them from iTunes or find them anywhere you listen to podcasts:

Ghost Stories of Old New York (2013) [download] [iTunes]
Four stories set mostly before the 1840s featuring sinister stories of murder, shipwreck and death by fright!  Up in the Bronx, the spirits of dead Lenape Indians may haunt the forest of Van Cortlandt Park. A romantic West Village restaurant finds its home inside the former carriage house of Aaron Burr. Might the vice president still be visiting?  We bring you the legend of an old Brooklyn fort that once sat in Cobble Hill and terrified those who traveled along on old Red Hook Lane.  And finally, over at St Paul’s Chapel,  a respected old actor wanders the churchyard, looking for his body parts.

Mysteries and Magicians of New York (2012) [download] [iTunes]
Grab a drink at the Ear Inn, one of New York’s most historically interesting bars, and you might meet Mickey, the drunken sailor-ghost.  A frightening story of secret love at old Melrose Hall conjures up one of Brooklyn’s most popular ghostly legends.  A woman is possessed through a Ouija board, but while she accept the challenge by one of New York’s first ghostbusters?  And a tale of Harry Houdini, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and the line between the supernatural and mere sleight of hand. [original blog post]

Haunted Histories of New York (2011) [download] [iTunes]
What’s horrors are buried at the foot of the Statue of Liberty? What’s below a Brooklyn Catholic church that makes it so dreadfully haunted? What ghost performs above the heads of theatergoers at The Palace? And what is it about the Kreischer Mansion that makes it Staten Island’s most haunted home? [original blog post]

Supernatural Stories of New York (2010) [download] [iTunes]
The scary revelations of a New York medium, married Midtown ghosts who fight beyond the grave, a horrific haunting at a 14th Street boardinghouse, and the creepy tale of New York’s Hart Island. [original blog post]

Haunted Tales of New York (2009) [download] [iTunes]
The secrets of the restless spinster of the Merchants House, the jovial fright of the Gay Street Phantom, the legend of the devil at Spuyten Duyvil Creek, and the spirit of a dead folk singer. [original blog post]

Spooky Stories of New York (2008) [download] [iTunes]
The drunken spirits of the Algonquin, the mysteries of a hidden well in SoHo, the fires of the Witch of Staten Island, and ‘the most haunted brownstone in New York’. [original blog post]

Ghost Stories of New York (2007) [download] [iTunes]
The ghosts of a tragic Ziegfeld girl, a scandalous doyenne of old New York, a bossy theater impresario and the ghoulish bell-ringer of St. Mark’s-in-the-Bowery. [original blog post]

Top photo: from the book ‘The Oracle’ (1919) Internet Archive Book Images
Second photo: from the book “Rhyme and Reason” (1901) Internet Archive Book Images
Third photo: “Two of William Hope’s friends lean on their motor car whilst a figure – the couple’s deceased son – is revealed at the wheel.” Photo by William Hope (1920) National Media Museum

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