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The Bowery Boys podcast started 7 years ago today!

Seven years ago this evening, Tom and I recorded the first Bowery Boys podcast.  The topic was Canal Street and Collect Pond, a subject we re-recorded for our 50th episode.  Maybe, one day, we’ll let you all hear that original show!  It was very bad, but it does linger on a laptop somewhere, and there are obviously a few dozen people out there who might still have it.

If you like what we do here at the Bowery Boys, please consider spreading the love in the following ways:

Our main objective with the Bowery Boys is to spread the love of history and the appreciation of this unbelievable city.  You don’t have to live in New York City to enjoy the stories.  Tell your friends and family about our show!  Maybe they’d like the history of a particular aspect of New York history — politics (The Boy Mayor), food (the Kings of New York Pizza),  sports (New York Yankees), finance (New York Stock Exchange), technology (Electric New York), music (Tin Pan Alley), more music (CBGB’s), movies (Birth of the Film Industry), celebrities (Hotel Theresa) or urban planning (Robert Moses).


Next month I will debut a brand new Bowery Boys walking tour for purchase! To mark that event, the last Bowery Boys walking tour of Washington Square Park has been marked down on CD Baby to just $2.99!  You can buy it on iTunes, Amazon and other places as well, but it’s still full priced at those places. (We do get the profits from those sales, but I don’t control the pricing.)

It’s a really fun tour, and, while it’s designed to be listened to while inside the park, you don’t have to actually be here to enjoy it!  But if you are in New York, it’s a perfect way to enjoy one of New York City’s greatest parks.

You can buy it here — Washington Square Park: Audio History Tour.

Thanks to your donations already, we’ve been able to redesign our graphics, get some new recording accessories and actually acquire a few necessary reference materials.  We have some top-secret expansion plans that we will announce in the coming months.  If you’ve enjoyed the Bowery Boys podcast and blog and want to help out, you can donate any amount on our PayPal site.

Here’s your new look for the spring! Proclaim your love of New York history and the Bowery Boys podcast and blog with these two new exclusive T-shirts.  

The gold-on-black model is called The Boss Tweed, great for either a night out on the town at Delmonico’s or an all-nighter at a Five Points stale beer dive.  
The red-on-white model is called The Stuyvesant, perfect for any budding director-general looking for something fashionable to wear to the beach, gym or rowdy Dutch port town.  

The shirts are $20 apiece (XL and larger $25) plus shipping.  You can purchase them here: the official Bowery Boys Shopify store.

To those who live in New York — we are looking for option to sell these shirts locally. (We know paying shipping fees for a New York shirt is kind of annoying.)  If you have any suggestions, please email us!

Thanks for supporting the Bowery Boys.  Have a great New York week (or weekend) whether you live here or not!

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