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The Ghosts of Greenwich Village: Four tales of haunted houses and forgotten graveyards

For this year’s annual Bowery Boys Halloween ghost stories podcast, we cautiously approach the dark secrets of Greenwich Village, best known for bohemians, shady and winding streets and a deeply unexpected history. You will never look at its parks and townhouses again after this show!

The stories featured on this year’s show:

— The hidden history of Washington Square Park featuring the oldest tree in New York — nicknamed the Hangman’s Elm — and some truly grave secrets beneath its lovely walkways

— The Brittany Residence Hall for New York University students has a very famous ghost, a child who experienced a horrible death and continued to haunt the halls of this former hotel, looking for friends to play with

Mayor Jimmy Walker once lived across from an old burial ground in the West Village. But when its ancient plots were replaced with a city park (later renamed after the former nightlife mayor), the bodies and the tombstones were mostly paved over. To this day, a single grave marker sits astride the baseball field, a sole reminder of the area’s macabre past.

— And finally the ceiling of a old Bank Street townhouse reveals an unusual object. This is an epic ghost tale that stretches from the mid 1920s to the early 1980s. And from the haunted streets of the West Village to a peaceful respite in Northern California.

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In 2009 a complete headstone was found in Washington Square Park, near the area of the dog park.

Washington Square Park Blog

In 2015, while working on the water pipes underneath the park, workers discovered this grisly find.

Department of Design and Construction

A 1945 advertisement for the Hotel Brittany and a couple other ‘off the beaten path’ hotels.

The former St. John’s burial ground was turned into a park in the 1890s. “One Door that has been opened: St. John’s Park in Hudson Street, — once a graveyard,” says Jacob Riis in the caption for his image of the park.


From the New York Times, Dec. 13, 1885:

This show joins our growing collection of Bowery Boys Halloween specials. Creep yourself out while listening to these spooky legends of New York City. From the haunted woods of Van Cortlandt Park to spirits haunting Captain Kidd’s treasure on Liberty Island. Psychics at Carnegie Hall, unsettling spirits in Cobble Hill, undead party animals at Grand Central!

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Here are the locations mentioned in all of our ghost podcasts:

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I look forward to the Halloween “special” podcast each year. If anyone is curious as to what Elizabeth Bullock’s grave looks like, there are a couple photos up on the gravesite database Find-A-Grave. As promised, she was interred beneath a cross and a Lebanese cedar tree. The link is here:

It’s not much to look at, but it’s certainly better than her previous resting places!

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