Bowery Boys Movie Club Brooklyn History

Do The Right Thing: Brooklyn heats up in the new Bowery Boys Movie Club

The new episode of the Bowery Boys Movie Club explores the film Do The Right Thing and its rich historical context. An exclusive podcast for those who support us on Patreon. FIGHT THE POWER! In 1989, director Spike Lee electrified film audiences with Do The Right Thing,documenting a day in the life of one block […]

Food History

Kings of New York Pizza: The tale of many Rays, a few Patsys, and one Lombardi

PODCAST REWIND  New Yorkers are serious about their pizza, and it all started with a tiny grocery store in today’s Little Italy and a group of young men who became the masters of pizza making. In this podcast, you’ll find out all about the city’s oldest and most revered pizzerias — Lombardi’s, Totonno’s, John’s, Grimaldi’s […]

An ode to Sbarro Pizza, a long way from Bensonhurst

On the grim news today that Sbarro Pizza has filed for bankruptcy, I thought I would reprint my article from July 2009 on the Brooklyn origins of this fast-food slice joint. The Sbarro family in their original salumeria in Bensonhurst In my July 2009 roundup of famous New York-style pizzerias, I left out the one […]


Kings of New York Pizza: Lombardi, Totonno, Patsy, Ray?

Gennaro Lombardi and (I believe) Antonio Totonno Pero with a dog who must have been fed very well. You’ll notice that Lombardi’s is still a grocery store in this picture. Some bananas with your pizza? Although Gennaro is credited with opening New York’s first pizzeria, it may have been Antonio who came up with the […]