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Looking Back Again: Your Favorite Bowery Boys Podcasts of 2021

There’s one more new Bowery Boys Podcast to come in 2021 (look for it on New Year’s Eve) — but we wanted to take a moment to thank you for making 2021 another fantastic year. Twelve months, 28 brand new episodes and a live show. And of course — a new spin-off!

It’s a pretty special way to go into the new year — where we will celebrate our 15th year of producing the Bowery Boys podcast.

And of course an extra, extra special thank you to those who support us Patreon. We were able to produce these shows because of your support and encouragement.

This year on the Bowery Boys Podcast we explored the birth of Black Harlem and its development leading to the Harlem Renaissance.

We witnessed the construction of the Queensboro Bridge. We investigated a forgotten neighborhood in lower Manhattan, paid tribute to New York’s movie theaters and botanical gardens and visited a Robert Moses pet project — Jones Beach.

We met some unique New Yorkers — Charles Pfizer, Audrey Munson, Henry Bergh, Charles Parkhurst. We spent some time in the Great Depression and observed the fate of men on the Bowery’s Skid Row and the development of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.

But you especially loved the following ten shows — the most listened-to Bowery Boys episodes of 2021.

We will see you in 2022 — with new episodes and LOTS of surprises planned for January and February.

1. The Ice Craze: How The Ice Business Transformed New York

2. Gatsby and the Mansions of the Gold Coast

3. North Brother Island: New York’s Forbidden Place

4. Last Dance at the Hotel Pennsylvania

5. The World Trade Center in the 1970s

6. New York Underground: The Story of Cemeteries

7. The Shuberts: The Brothers Who Built Broadway

8. Edith Wharton’s New York

9. The Very Gay History of Fire Island

10 Gotham’s Greatest Ghost Stories

2 replies on “Looking Back Again: Your Favorite Bowery Boys Podcasts of 2021”

Thank you Greg & Tom for all the great blogs and podcasts. You make learning about New York interesting and educational. I love the casual, yet knowable format. Can’t wait for 2022 stories.

Yes I’m currently binging past BB episodes. I love it and will also listen to The First and Gilded Gentleman shows as well. Love everything you guys put out and am a happy patreon supporter. Look forward to the coming year!

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