New York Islands Podcasts

The history of Hart Island, a place of strangeness and sorrow

Few people are allowed to go onto Hart Island, the quiet, narrow island in the Long Island Sound, a lonely place in sight of the bustling community of City Island. For over 150 years, Hart Island has been New York’s potter’s field, the burial site for over one million people — unclaimed bodies, stillborn babies, […]

Bowery Boys Podcasts

The Bowery Boys Podcast Listener Challenge

Take part in a future Bowery Boys: New York City History podcast! We’re looking for stories about feeling at home in New York City for a future ‘listeners’ stories’ episode. The subject — New York City as home — or a home away from home. Are you a native New Yorker? What makes New York […]

Bowery Boys Bookshelf

‘Lincoln on the Verge’: A dangerous journey across a fractured country

On April 15, 1865, President Abraham Lincoln died from his injuries by the assassin John Wilkes Booth who shot the president the previous evening at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C. It was a fate promised to him by Southern sympathizers from the moment he was first elected on November 6, 1860. At no point was […]

Podcasts Writers and Artists

The Tale of Charging Bull and Fearless Girl

EPISODE 319 In simpler times, thousands of tourists would flock to the northern tip of Bowling Green in Lower Manhattan to take a picture with a rather unconventional New Yorker — the bronze sculpture Charging Bull by Italian-American artist Arturo Di Modica. Bull is a product of the 1980s New York art scene, delivered as […]

Bowery Boys Movie Club Podcasts

Moonstruck: That’s Amore! Love and family in 1980s New York City

“Do you love him, Loretta?” “Aw, ma, I love him awful.” “Oh God, that’s too bad.” Moonstruck, the 1987 comedy starring Cher and Nicolas Cage, not only celebrates that crazy little thing called love, but also pays tribute to the Italian working class residents of the old “South Brooklyn” neighborhoods of Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill […]

It's Showtime Podcasts

The History of Television in New York City — in three Bowery Boys podcasts!

Back in 2013, we recorded a trilogy of shows on the history of television in New York City — from its invention to its current return to glory. As we all shelter-in-place and remain safe at home, you’ll probably be watching more television than ever — whether it be on an actual television or your […]

Health and Living Podcasts

Vaccinated: New York and the Polio Outbreak

EPISODE 317 In 1916 New York City became the epicenter of one of America’s very first polio epidemics. The scourge of infantile paralysis infected thousands of Americans that year, most under the age of five. But in New York City it was especially bad. The Department of Health took drastic measures, barring children from going […]

Amusements and Thrills Podcasts

Jenny Lind at Castle Garden: New York City’s Most Famous Concert

EPISODE 316 What happens when P. T. Barnum, America’s savviest supplier of both humbug and hoax, decides that it is time to go legit? The result is one of the greatest concert tours in American history. If you’ve seen the film musical The Greatest Showman, you’ve been introduced to Jenny Lind, the opera superstar dubbed […]

Bowery Boys Bookshelf

The New York Post vs. the New York Daily News in ‘America’s Last Great Newspaper War’

Over ten years ago, the New York Post and the New York Daily News were locked in a battle for tabloid dominance, wrestling and rolling around just as an apocalypse – the digital revolution — was descending upon American newsrooms. Newspapers across the country have either folded or become absorbed into national conglomerates. America’s best-selling […]

Bronx History Podcasts

Abandoned Pantheon: The Hall of Fame for Great Americans

The Hall of Fame for Great Americans, founded in 1900, was a precursor to the Nobel Prize and the Presidential Medal of Freedom, a vaunted tribute to those who have contributed greatly to the development the United States of America. Located on the campus of Bronx Community College in the University Heights neighborhood of the […]

Podcasts The Jazz Age

The Tale of Tillie Hart, the Holdout of London Terrace

EPISODE 314 — London Terrace, an English-inspired apartment complex, is a jewel of apartment living in the neighborhood of Chelsea. In 1929, a set of unusual townhouses — also named London Terrace — were demolished to construct this spectacular set of buildings. That is, all townhouses but one — the home of Mrs. Tillie Hart, […]

Bowery Boys Bookshelf The Jazz Age

‘Adventures of a Jazz Age Lawyer’: The man who helped build the entertainment world

When it comes to artistic creation, we take many fundamentals of law for granted. Most people might not understand the particulars of ‘intellectual property’ but they sure benefit from it. The very review you are reading — and the website that publishes it — are protected by laws that were hammered out and fought for […]

Podcasts Roaring 20s

The Straw Hat Riots of 1922: The bad kind of New York fashion week

For the next several weeks, the Bowery Boys Podcast will be going live two times a week — every Tuesday and Friday. Read our announcement here. EPISODE 313 “No man likes to have his hat snatched from his head by somebody he has not yet been introduced to.” During the month of September 1922, as […]

Adventures In Old New York

EXTRA! The Bowery Boys Podcast will now be heard twice a week

During this period of social isolation and the perpetual concerns of health and economic well-being that you might be feeling now, we here at the Bowery Boys: New York City History podcast want to make sure that we are doing our part in providing you with the distraction and camaraderie you might be looking for. […]

Mysterious Stories Podcasts

Has Jack the Ripper come to New York? A Gilded Age hysteria

PODCAST It’s time for a Gilded Age murder mystery, true-crime podcast style! The Whitechapel Murders of 1888 — perpetrated by the killer known as Jack the Ripper — inspired one of the greatest cultural hysterias of the Victorian era. The crimes were so publicized in newspapers around the world that many believed that the Ripper […]